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Other Electrical Services in Epsom

Your wellbeing is our number priority here at M.E.W Electrical Ltd, and whether you decide to book online with us or not, we just want you to understand the importance of getting your electrics regularly checked. We offer a variety of electrical services to our customers in and around Epsom, and although we tend to focus more on repairs and maintenance, we're able to do a lot more. Get in touch with us today for further information, or if you'd just like to have a chat! We'd love to hear from you.

Always Here to Help

It's always important that all potential risks are spotted and identified, so that we have plenty opportunity to find a way around the problem and continue to help you the best we can. We always want to help, whether that's with routine electrical repairs and maintenance, or other electrical services. The services we provide are always completed to the highest standard and are always done with our customers in mind, whether they're in Epsom or in the surrounding areas.

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Our Services

M.E.W Electrical Ltd are able to do it all! From fuse-board replacements to NICEIC tests and inspections, we're able to make sure that your property is entirely up-to-standard. 

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Electrical Design, Surveys & Testing

We can provide electrical design services, as well as electrical surveys and testing. Our design service is perfect for those who want something brand new, but they're not sure what. Our surveys and testing are perfect for those who just need reassuring that their electrics are all in the right place.

Emergency Electrical Work

Has a fuse blown in the middle of the night? Has your house been plunged into darkness out of supposedly nowhere? Have you had to check an appliance you haven't checked in years and found it's not looking right? It's better safe than sorry, and we're happy to step in.

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Domestic & Commercial Projects

Whether you're a homeowner or a landlord, electrical problems affect us all. That's why we're able to come and fix your electric issue, whether it's in your home, shop, or office space. Simply give us a ring and we'll be there as soon as we can be. 

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Discover Our Other Electrician Services Today

We offer a variety of electrician services here at M.E.W Electrical Ltd, and whether you're in Epsom city centre or in any of the surrounding areas, we really are here to help. If you're in Leatherhead, Chessington, Cobham, Walton-on-Thames or Ashtead, we're able to come and visit you in order to complete your electrical product. Get in touch with us today for further information. 

07946 555720 | 020 3325 5074

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